Istanbul Film and Documentary Projects 2010

Fairy Tale Istanbul 2010

Fairy Tale Istanbul 2010

The goal of Film Documentary Animation Projects in this area for Istanbul 2010 Capital of Culture is to create projects which reflect the original giving life to free the souls of individuals and “making them contemporary”, which I am not exactly sure what that means.  Perhaps it is moving the souls of individuals by freeing them from the past and then making them contemporary, bringing them into the present day.  Maybe it is an attempt to give people a more modern perspective of their lives and themselves.  Perhaps it is contemplation of the individual in the context of his or her society.

The following is a list of projects in the Film Documentary Animation Project for Istanbul 2010.

Istanbuls in My Binoculars

Created by the students of the “Isil Özgentürk Film Workshop”, project to include widespread diffusion of cinema to the masses.  This diffusion to the masses will premiere on Friday June 18, 2010 at Yeditepe University.  After this premiere performance, coffeehouses all over Istanbul, municipal cultural centers, consulates and other venues overseas will be able to see the results of this project.

Colors of Culture Diversity:
Colors of cultural diversity is a project managed by Annie Pertan. On November 23, 2010, the gala opens at Zoğrafyon High School

This project features the colorful diversity of the people which make up the city of Istanbul and their artistic contributions to the city of Istanbul.  This documentary features the Greek, the Jewish, Armenians, Assyrians and gypsies who have been co-existing for time eternal and their contributions to the cultural wealth of Istanbul.

Love in Istanbul

Love in Istanbul is a documentary based on the theory of love and connection.  As Istanbul itself is a bridge between east and west and contrasting civilizations, so love is also a bridge, a connection between two individuals.

Lost Prince in Wonderland

A documentary study of the Sultan’s festivals in the 16th Century woven by the kaleidascope of history.  Performances by Gypsy, Arab, Persian, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Serbian, and Jewish acrobats appear in the fairytale world of the circumcision ceremony of the princes in 1582 for Prince Mehmet, the son of Murat the Third. Turkish, Italian, Serbian, Greek, Spanish, Jewish, Persian, Arab and Gypsy artists, acrobats and musicians of that time will appear in world of fairytale of Prince Mehmet,  the son of Murat the Third.

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