Visual Arts Projects in Istanbul 2010

breaking-the-stereotype Istanbul 2010

Breaking the Stereotype Istanbul 2010

The Visual Art Project in Istanbul 2010, led by the Directorate of Visual Arts determined the lack of exposure of the masses to contemporary art in Istanbul. Therefore, visual arts projects were determined with the ambition of supporting new professional artists and their scope of work and presenting this work to the masses.

Visual Arts Projects in Istanbul:

The 33rd FISAE International Ex-libris Congress and the Third International Ex—Libris Competition: August 25 – 29, 2010.

Lives and Works in Istanbul:

Ten artists from the European Union countries are invited to Istanbul and given the opportunity to live/work/create in Istanbul.

The Portable Arts Project:

Goal of this project is to increase the amount of space available to artists as far as the districts in Istanbul are concerned with the goal of increasing the audience of contemporary works of art.

Amber ’08 Art & Technology Festival:

65 International artists presented at the Amber ’08 Art & Technology festival (held in November 2008 at ten different venues.

The CUMA Ertesi (Saturday) events Project:

The telling by residents of Istanbul of the inspirational, creative and productive, joyful aspects of Istanbul among themselves.

Breaking the Stereotype:

An interesting project dealing concept of the stereotypes of the Orient and Occident and deconstructing those stereotypes.

Istanbul Time Travel Experiment About Water, Speaking with the Unconscious Social Mind:

A study of Istanbul residents of different age groups and social groups over a four week period by scientists and artists.

Istanbul in Children’s Eyes:

Children of the Kucukcekmece neighbourhood of Istanbul and from neighbouring countries telling the tale of Istanbul through their eyes in art. The perspective of children from within and beyond Istanbul.

The Diversity Project:

Project Owner: Kaja Pawelek /Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw/ Poland.

The Diversity Project involves the cultural works of Istanbul artists in the construction/deconstruction of Istanbul.

The goal of this project is to exposure Turkish art to Poland and it is hoped that this will generate a continuing network of artists and cultural producers well beyond the year 2010. This project takes place in Warsaw and involves the exhibition of music, photography, contemporary video and Turkish performance artists.

There is much on the menu for Istanbul 2010 Capital of Culture projects. It is hoped that this nomination will bring Turkey to the forefront of the cultural and artistic world, bringing to the world the cultural works of Istanbul’s artists.

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