The Pera Festival Celebrates Multiculturalism in Istanbul

The International Pera Festival in Istanbul 2010 opened on Sunday, November 7th with a gala concert by the band from Greece, ‘En Chordais.’ The Festival will focus on multiculturalism in Istanbul and will host 33 events from various disciplines through to the end of November. Dance performances, exhibitions, photography exhibits, theatre, discussions and concerts will form the International Pera Festival’s tribute to multiculturalism.

The following Festival details come from the Hurriyet Daily News. The International Pera Festival should not be missed if you love art, culture, photography, cinema, theatre or music and want to experience the life and multiculturism of the Istanbul art scene.


The Pera Fest, Istanbul 2010

“Organized by the Association for Intercultural Communications Interdisciplinary Art and Pi Production, the first prominent Greek band En Chordais staged the event’s first performance Sunday at Harbiye Muhsin Ertuğrul Theater.

The second event of the festival will be a musical titled “Nazım meets Brecht” by Sema at Ses Theater on Tuesday, while Muazzez Abacı will perform Turkish republican founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s favorite songs at Ghetto the following day. Spanish group Port Bo will perform “Havaneras” on Friday.

This year Pera Fest is presenting plays from different groups to support new research in the theater domain, along with discussions after each play. The program includes German Theater Freiburg, which will stage “Cabinet – A Turkish German Market” at garajistanbul.
Meanwhile, Tiyatro Boyalı Kuş will stage “Nora-Nure,” Oyun Deposu will premiere its second original play and Altıdan Sonra Tiyatro will perform its new play, “Fail-i Müşterek” at Kumbaracı 50, a new theater in Beyoğlu.

One of the most important events of the festival is a photography exhibition from Portugal titled “Condition of World Cities from the Eyes of 13 Different Media.” Realized by Kameraphoto in cooperation with media organizations from 13 countries, the exhibition will open at Cezayir Hall on Nov. 18.

At the same time, director Mehmet Yılmaz will present a selection from documentaries under the title “Our People of Music” at Istanbul Modern on Friday with films that portray three master artists of Turkish music: Cinuçen Tanrıkorur, Necdet Yaşar and Kani Karaca.

There will also be a selection of documentaries produced by the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency, including “Soul Traces” by Ebru Bilun, “3 Days in Istanbul” by Elif Uslu and “Hatt – A Line of Civilization” by Gökhan Ateştürk, all of which will be screened Wednesday.

Safa Önal’s documentary, “Cinema in the Middle of Istanbul,” will be premiered Thursday. On the same day, Erden Kıral’s film for Istanbul 2010, the “Golden Horn” documentary, will be screened, followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience afterwards.

A talk on young Turkish cinema will take place at Arte Istanbul on Nov. 22 under the title “Fabric of Turkish Cinema” with the participation of directors Zahit Atam, Önder Çakar, Hüseyin Karabey, Seren Yüce and Derviş Zaim.

“Colors of Cultural Diversity,” a documentary on the multicultural structure of Istanbul and produced by Annie Pertan for the Istanbul 2010 Agency, will be screened at Pera Musuem on Nov. 29.

Nora Şeni will talk on the theme of “Polyphonic Istanbul” on Nov. 23 at the Istanbul French Institute of Anatolian Research, while Cemal Ünlü will discuss “Beyoğlu Stone – First Primadonnas on Pera Stages” with music and a slide-show at the Suna-İnan Kıraç Foundation Istanbul Research Institute on Nov. 24.
Pera Palas will be host a talk by Mario Levi under the title “Istanbul Photographs Inside Me” in cooperation with Doğan Kitap on Nov. 25.

During the last weekend of November, at Alt, a new venue in Beyoğlu, the “Kürşat Başar – Tuluğ Tırpan Quartet” will take to the stage to present two concerts.

Articulating the multicultural art life of Istanbul, the first concert will be “An Italian in Istanbul,” featuring the compositions of Guatelli. Before the music, Mehmet Güntekin, the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency’s Traditional Music Director, and Tahir Aydoğdu will lead a discussion seminar, “The ‘Pachas’ of Turkish Music from Donizetti to Guatelli.”

The band Tatavla Keyfi will stage the final concert of the festival Nov. 30 at Haymatlos.”

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