Where is the Museum of Innocence?

Many people have asked where is the Museum of Innocence in Istanbul?  Many people have searched for the Museum of Innocence, the museum Orhan Pamuk speaks of in his novel of the same name.  Such a great body of literature must have a home – a museum where that which is collected can be placed for the future collective memory of people.

In my search for the Museum, I found only one thing.  A Facebook page for fans who love and are obsessed with the novel by Pamuk.  The Museum of Innocence details the obsession, passion and other great questions of love. Orhan Pamuk is establishing a museum in Istanbul based on the novel to exhibit the objects mentioned in the book.

The Museum of Innocence was published in August 2008.  Pamuk said in an interview with Der Spiegel that,


The famous quinze grater

“The Museum of Innocence ” chronicles the love story of Kemal, an upper-class person, a person who is occasionally described as high-society. He is 30 years old in 1975 and chronicles his infatuation with a distant relative, a twice removed cousin, Fusun, an 18 year-old shop girl, but very beautiful. As sort of a compensation for his failure to get her hand, he collects everything he can get that Fusun touches, and in the end he makes a museum of the objects that their story is associated with.

The latest news of the Museum of Innocence is that it is expected the Museum will open in the Spring 2011,which, of course is now. We will update when further news is available.

Ümit Yigit began a fan page in Facebook for the Museum of Innocence and is organizing a tour in Istanbul of the places Pamuk mentions in the story of the love of Kemal and Fusun.  Visit his page in Facebook to find out more.

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