Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011

istanbul-biennaleThis October, the Istanbul Biennale will take again place again. In its 12th year, the official name of this biennale is Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011. It will take place between September 13th to November 17th.

Every two years since 1987, the Istanbul Biennale, a contemporary art exhibition has occurred. Like the other international biennals held in Sydney, Venice and Sao Paulo, the purpose of the Istanbul Biennale is to establish a meeting place between artists, both local and international, art critics and curators to bring to the forefront new trends in the contemporary art world. This is the place, this October in Istanbul to open up the dialogue between the artist and the audience. Curatorship is shared this year by Adriano Pedrosa and Jens Hoffmann. This year’s 12th Istanbul Biennial will feature the works of Cuban American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Ben Marzouk from Brazil.

Istanbul’s unique location at the cross-roads between cultures and civilizations makes it one of the best places to hold such a unique exhibition aiming to form a bridge between international audiences and artists. Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture & Arts, it has added to the lack of space that once existed for the display of art in Istanbul.

The internationally appointed curators of the Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011, are responsible for developing a conceptual theme and then inviting artists from all over the world to contribute their works to the current theme. This year’s theme will examine the relationship between politics, social issues and art, presenting works that are both politically and artistically outspoken.

Alongside the Istanbul Biennale, artists will be conducting workshops with young, local Turkish artists.

The 12th Istanbul Biennial will take place this year in central Istanbul at the Fulya Convention and Congress  Center in a 5,000 square meter space. Opening night will be a spectacular event shared by the audience, artists and their art. It is hoped that the Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011, will be a meeting of diverse people, diverse ethnicities, religions and cultures in an attempt to develop both empathy and understanding of diversity that exists in every nation throughout the world.

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